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Originally from the United States, I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I heard the gospel during my college years: coal miners that I met during summer work were the first to make it clear to me. I later heard the same at a small Baptist church, which I occasionally visited during the summers. (I still remember being struck and surprised by a sermon on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. As much as any one event, I count that sermon as the cause of real interest in the content and message of the Bible.) Several months after graduating from college, I believed the gospel. That was 1995.

My family has lived in a country in South Asia since 2002. My wife and I have four children, three of which are now back in the United States, attending college. We are members of a Baptist church in the Boise, Idaho area. For a few different reasons—mainly relating to security in South Asia—I have kept my name off this website.

This website is the effort to share some thoughts and observations with the reader. The posts mainly regard thoughts on scripture, but some thoughts on religion and culture will occasionally appear.

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